Garlic Could Help Reduce Risk Of Osteoarthritis Of The Hip

Consumption of a diet rich in allium vegetables, like onions, garlic and leeks, could reduce risk of osteoarthritis of the hip. Results of a study not only suggest the possible impact of diet in osteoarthritis protection, but also demonstrate the potential for making use of garlic compounds for developing osteoarthritis treatments. It’s been known for […]

Humor Therapy Effective For Dealing With Agitation In Dementia

A study shows that humor therapy is as effective as popular antipsychotic meds in dealing with agitation in dementia and eliminates severe side effects of drugs The study on the effects of humour therapy on agitation, mood, social engagement and behavioural disturbances in individuals with dementia revealed both short and long term reduction in agitation […]

Getting started as a health blogger: The beginner’s guide

So, you’re thinking about getting started as a health blogger. Excellent news! The internet needs more high-quality, socially-responsible bloggers like you. Maybe you already have an idea for a health topic and need essential advice to take that concept to the next level. Or, perhaps you’re just thinking about getting started in the health blogosphere. […]

Hearing Loss – A Disease or Global Concern? – Know Major Facts at a Glance

Spending time outdoors in the spring and summer is great unless you’re spending most of the time outside. It becomes extremely difficult to manage hearing aid in summers and springs. Hearing aids can be damaged when revealed to moisture or heat. Water and Sweat are the two biggest rivals of hearing aids during summer, and change […]

Top 11 Tips For Getting Used To Wearing New Hearing Aids – (Things You Must Know)

The secret of a successful change is to focus your whole energy on building new habits rather than fighting the old ones. It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is. It requires a lot of time to adapt. Wearing hearing aids are no exception. According to a survey, India has 70 million people with different kinds of […]